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Welcome to my blog! This is my place to journal my ramblings, life events and crafts. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still here, floundering....

Well, I had good intentions when I said I would post daily. That was before life caught up with me. I have been having a bit of a rough week, mostly work related, so I thought it best to keep my grumpy old self away from blogging. I have at least taken the time to read what is new with all of you and I would like to say that you all have a way of lifting my spirits with your wonderful posts. I thank you for that!
For now, I will just sit quietly in the corner and continue reading your blogs and do my best to get my head out of the "Grump Dump"! LOL
Have a great day!


Linda said...

Hi Dawn! Hope you are feeling better! I'm glad you stopped by to follow my blog and leave a sweet comment! I'm a new follower, too! Nice to make a new blogging friend!

Holly C. said...

Work is sooooo overrated! Just kidding. (Well, not really.)

Hope you are out of the grump dump now!

Thank you for the beautiful handmade heart that you sent me!

Dawn S. said...

Getting better but not quite out of the dumps yet. Having a few problems and need to go for a an Upper (thank God!) Endoscopy-thingy tomorrow. *sigh*

Holly C. said...

Oh no-I had that done over ten years ago. I was scared, but it ended up being a piece of cake. It's the only time I've had any kind of sedation and I came out it saying-"Drugs are great. Drugs are great!"-to my mom!

Good luck tomorrow!

Dawn S. said...

Thanks Holly. Glad to hear the procedure is not too terrible. This too shall pass.