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Welcome to my blog! This is my place to journal my ramblings, life events and crafts. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm still here..........

Not really sure I want to lay this out there but what the heck! It’s been heavy on my mind and I need to “talk” about it.

My life has been a train wreck of late, which has caused a lack of crafting/sewing and a lack of the will to blog. I have been kind of depressed lately.
Along with what seems to be the usual financial and family issues, I have come to the realization that I have an emotional eating disorder. I eat when I am depressed, anxious, lonely, stressed, bored, you name it. Food is my tool of choice for comfort. Of course, the benefits of emotional eating are that you get to become morbidly obese and have various health and mental health issues including depression and very low self esteem.
You have to love yourself to take care of yourself and this is something I am going to have to learn, somehow. I don’t think I have loved me in a very long time. We all have issues in our childhood and our past that have left emotional scars and I can certainly think of quite a few. What I do not understand is how a person can recognize what is wrong and why things are the way they are but is still incapable of “fixing it”. If you know what your inner demons are and why they are, then why can’t you make them go away. The monster in the closet goes away when exposed to the light, so why don’t the demons go away when they are figured out? There should be some sort of closure, right?  
Hubby is very supportive of me but he was raised with the mentality that you can just have the will power to get over things without doctors, drugs and therapists – those are for the weak. Therapy might as well be a four letter word in my house.
I am not really sure what the next step is that I need to take but I do think that writing about it will help to a certain degree. I have found others online that are battling similar demons and some have conquered them. Maybe I should give myself a deadline – if I cannot overcome this by my own methods by the end of this year, then perhaps the next step has to be therapy…*Gulp!*
Have a wonderful weekend Dear Ones. I will do my best to keep my nose out of the fridge!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soap Sack

What do you do with all of the little bits left over from your bar soap? Do you try to smoosh them onto the new bar? Do you throw them away? That can be costly in the long run.
Well, yesterday I decided to crochet "soap sacks" for hubby and myself.

Now we can put our bars of soap in the bag and use it similar to a wash cloth and we can use up every little bit of those bars of soap. They have a draw string at the top for easy "loading" which also serves as a hanging string so we can hang them in the shower and allow them to drip dry.

What did you do this weekend?

Time for the World Cup game! Go USA!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinner - 7/15/11 Yummy Burrito/Taco Filling

I was inspired to make a yummy taco/burrito filling here - http://notexactlybento.com/?p=328

I made a few changes but not too many. First, brown 1 pound of lean ground beef along with 1 cup chopped onion. I had red onion on hand so that is what I used. I added copious amounts of chili powder, garlic powder and a pinch of S&P while it was browning.

 Drain the fat off of the meat/onion mixture. Add 1 cup of frozen corn, 1 cup of Salsa and 1 can of drained black beans.

Simmer for 10-15 minutes, until the corn and the beans are tender.

Put a healthy spoonful on a tortilla (or taco shell) of your choice, top with your favorite topping (I used guacamole) and enjoy!!

Nom Nommy goodness! I am sooo full!