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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Primitive Doll

A dear friend of mine is battling an inner demon. She named her demon "Poison Ivy". Well, I decided she had to be able to put a face to this demon so I made a (very primitive) doll for her. (She can use it for a voodoo doll if she chooses!)
Here is Ivy ~ (her hair is in a pony tail behind her). Her smile is a little crooked and her eyebrows make her look not so nice - which is how poison ivy truly is....

I also wrote a little poem to go along with it to give her a little more of my support.

Poison Ivy

My name is Poison Ivy
I have lived inside your head
Now that people know of me
My world is filled with dread

                                                                You’ll soon have no need for me
As you grow stronger every day
My leaves will start to wither
And then just blow away

You’ll see that life is precious 
And be as healthy as can be
Life is so much better
Without the Poison that is me

She loved it and will keep it with her as she goes through therapy and always to remind of where she was and what she has overcome. I love her lots and am so glad that I could help her in my own little way.
..........Makes me wonder if I should make one to represent my own inner demon so I can beat it up whenever it rears it's ugly head!?!


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