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Monday, June 6, 2011

Off to regions unknown

This past weekend my Air Force son left his home in Italy for regions unknown, for an undetermined amount of time. We feel fairly confident (hopeful?) that it is not to a war zone, but the unknown is always a bit scary.

His little girl, Miss A had this to say yesterday, " Momma, we forgot to pick up Daddy from work." Mommy replied, "Remember, Daddy said he's got to stay at work for a while?"  Miss A, "That's right Momma. Daddy's out protecting us and he'll come back. HE ALWAYS DOES!"
She certainly is a well seasoned military dependent at the tender age of 3 1/2!

We are very grateful for the sacrifices her and her momma make and very proud of our sons, out there protecting us and all that we hold dear.

Have a Blessed Monday! Dawn


holly c. said...

Oh, Dawn-you must be so proud!

Thank you to your son for serving our country!!!!!

Dawn S. said...

Thanks Holly. I am very proud of our boys. :o)

Charade said...

"Regions unknown" and "undetermined amount of time" are scary terms to hear. I heard them a hundred times as a military brat, and they send chills down my spine when used in reference to our son. But Miss A is right - "They always come back." Prayers for your family, and appreciation as well.