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Welcome to my blog! This is my place to journal my ramblings, life events and crafts. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy colors

Here is another picture of my new garden. I had to wait for the sun to move over as the exposure was too much for my little camera, but the colors are spectacular in the sunlight.      
There are seeds in the back portion of the garden that I hope will sprout into Purple and White Conelfower and Black Eyed Susans and Money Plants. I think this fall I will add more bulbs and some pansies to the back so it does not look so bare in the spring. (this is a rental home so my gardening is minimal)
Anyway, my week has not been going very well so far, so this picture is to life my spirits. Hope it makes you all smile too. Happy Spring!


Holly C. said...

How lovely! Yep-made me smile.

I hope you week improves, dear!

Dawn S. said...

Thanks Holly! You are a doll. :o)