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Friday, January 21, 2011


I decided to check out a wonderful yarn shop on my lunch break today. It is called Yarns to Dye For in Hendersonville NC. They have such a huge, wonderful selection of hand dyed fibers!!! I want to "create" so bad!!

I purchased one skein of some fairly spendy, yummy yarn to make myself a little pouch for my cell phone and ID with a long strap, that I can wear to an upcoming show hubby and I are going to.

      (The pics in the late afternoon, winter light do not do the colors justice.)

It is a lovely blend of silk, mohair and wool.  I figured that I could "limp" through a small project like this even with my tendonitis, right?

Lo and behold! I took my wrist brace off while sitting in my office today and neglected to put it back on before I left for lunch......so..... I get back to work and my hand/wrist is killing me! Does it hurt from driving without the brace or because my little brain knew I had a crocheting project in the works!! ARG!

                         *bangs head against wall repeatedly!*

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Quiltnbee said...

Beautiful! I lovvvvvvvve Noro! =-) Hope your wrist is feeling better soon...