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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & finally - pics of the rest of my projects!

Well, the feasting and the festivities have come to a close and I finally have a few minutes to post pictures of the rest of my crochet projects. I want to start the new year off fresh, so here they are!

              First is a basket and coaster set that I made for my sister.....

             (the basket has pretty crystal beading around the top)

               Another hat for a grandchild (Arg! fuzzy pic!)

               A hat for my youngest son
              (have to find a new model now that the decorations are put away!)

            A neck warmer for his fiance' (gray with yellow trim)

                 A ruffled scarf for my boss

 A neck warmer for my niece, which she kindly modeled for me. (Love you L! Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy) 

             Another neck warmer (hard to tell but it is gray with blue trim)

  A neck warmer for me! Can't tell from the pic but the yarn is yummy!(same yarn as my boss' scarf)

                 A new dish cloth for my kitchen

      And last but certainly not least, a plastic bag holder. (I have to pick up after my doggie so these bags come in handy!)

Obviously, I am not a photographer! I also made an ear warmer for my hubby and coasters for his mom......I have one more hat to finish up and then I can give my very sore hand a much needed break! Time to move on to other (non crocheted) projects. I will keep you posted as the plans progress!


Holly C. said...

Wonderful gifts!

Dawn S. said...

Thank you Holly. Hopefully I can get the last hat done before my hand completely siezes up! It has been very painful lately. :o( Thankfully he does not need it until the end of this month....

Dawn Ireland said...

Ok, now that bag holder is the coolest thing ever!